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Our Client

A creative team making nature and wildlife films

Nyomkereső webes és mobil alkalmazás

The aim of development

Developing a mobile application for nature-lovers in the aim of getting to know better our surroundings.

Project description

The 3 benefits of the app
  • by taking pictures of the footprints the app’s AI (artificial intelligence) identify them
  • checking and following the previously identified footprints by others
  • learning about wild animals with descriptions, photos and videos

Identifying is based on the built-in AI technology, called TensorFlow.

Gamification is also an important feature in the app. It includes a traceschool, a quiz and other games. By using these features users can easily identify, recognize and learn about wild animals.

Beside the trace identification we developed other useful features such as marking caves, springs, fireplace and many more.

We developed with the agile method.