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Our Client

A company who sells softver license products

“After working with the CodingLab team I was waiting for every Friday. Why? Because that was the day when we always had Zoom meetings. I liked those very much.”

After successfully launching the project, our client decided to add and develop new functions to the application. Thanks to our great cooperation they asked us to work on the project again, so we’re now developing the new functions and features.

The aim of development

Developing a modern web-based application for selling monthly subscribtions in a complex system, where their reseller partners can also place orders, increase the numbers of users and cancel subscriptions on a web-based system. Furthermore, every orders of a reseller are automatically generated on the producer’s server (f.e. Microsoft) and the license permission gets automatic, „on the fly” confirmation. So the preordered license is getting activated in the producer’s server and it also starts the selling process in the distributor’s management system.

Project description

As a greenfield project we created a brand new, three- level license selling platform. This way it’s not only useable for the distributor’s contracted reseller partners but for the reseller partner’s clients too. All in all, every company that buy the software license on a monthly basis can use the application. The end users can also order new licenses, increase the numbers of the licenses or cancel subscription.
In the following and modified version of the app we will integrate an error reporting function where the user will be able to reach the experts of the portal in writing and can ask for any information about the products.
When developing the platform we used the newest, but still easily maintainable and clear technologies: C#.Net CORE és Angular frameworks. We care about the design so we also applied custom made material design.