CodingLab is a full-stack web and mobile app development company. Our biggest advantage is the high level of business understanding as an added value to each of our projects. Based in Budapest and London, we have clients from Belgium, Switzerland, Norway, and Hungary. Our developers follow the newest technologies and work together with experts such as UX/UI, marketing, and design specialists, as well as with business analysts and consultants. Our main services include custom software development, mobile app development, webshop development, and ERP software development.

We love using Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews site to view honest feedback from our clients. Clutch’s sister site, The Manifest allows users to check out past projects from the top software development companies in Budapest. We are excited that we have just received our first two reviews on our profile! Excerpts from the reviews are below:

“They are really deeply digging into the details to make the best shape of each part of the product.” –CEO, P.O.P. Ltd

“We were surprised by how well they adhered to both our requirements and timelines.” –COO, ExaMe

A completely customizeable ERP system for medium-sized trading companies
full-stack web and mobile app development
full-stack web and mobile app development

One of our clients, Astodi Ltd., is a film production company that produces informative documentaries. This development project was quite complex as it is compatible on Windows, MacOs as well. The system is integrated to Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive and several content sharing pages (Shutterstock just to mention one). Besides we put into several AI functions that can help the research within the app.

The main problem we had to solve was that the user generated contents were stored in different platforms. Now, the system automatically uploads all of the files to different stock pages based on users’ preferences and pairs the adjusted parameters and metadatas. This is a really promising project and after the Hungarian launching, it is already available worldwide and they are present on an international level.  

If you have questions, ideas, want an estimate, or are puzzled by all of this, we’ll gladly help! Contact us and we’ll figure out if we match and are the best development team for you. We provide one free consultation session for all of our new clients, where we discuss your requirements, ideas, questions, and the possible problems.

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