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Our client

Astodi Ltd. is a film production company, producing informative documentaries.

“During the developing progress we were expanding the functions time to time. Many thanks for the CodingLab Team, who supported us and solved our needs with their flexibility and cooperation for the aim of a successful project.”

Co-founder of Astodi

The aim of development

A web application which is compatible with Windows and Apple Macbook based on the following purposes:

  • categorizing user generated contents: videos, photos and audios
  • transmitting these files to stock providers in a large amount


Project description

The main problem we had to solve was that the user generated contents (videos, photos and audios) were stored on different platforms such as their computers, Dropbox or Google drive accounts. With the help of the new app users can manage their files on a single platform, adjust metadatas and categories to the files. After these setups the system automatically uploads all of the files to different stock pages based on users’ preferences (e.g. Shutterstock) and pairs the adjusted parameters and metadatas.

Beside this feature a functional specification was also created which included our team’s suggestions. During the planning of this new specification we continuously supported our client and provided them suggestions. Our aim was to help them creating an app which is cost-efficient and gives users the maximum experience when managing their contents.
We developed with the agile method. We worked by following the deadlines which couldn’t have happened without our experts and the great cooperation between Astodi and CodingLab team.

The application is already on international market and the startup team is working with VCs.